Engineer, Design & Install

At 360 Fire Prevention, we are the New Jersey fire sprinkler engineering, design and installation experts. With a combined 50+ years of experience providing complete fire protection services for all types of commercial and residential buildings throughout the area.


Fire sprinkler systems are a critically important part of every building. By law, they require regular inspection(s) to ensure that they will operate properly when you need it most. 360 Fire Prevention is licensed to perform inspections on all types of systems.

Maintenance & Emergency Service

360 Fire Prevention has trained mechanics on staff who are able to perform all vital services and repairs to maintain your system’s optimal performance. When something goes wrong, our 24/7 emergency service team is here to answer your call.

You build it. We protect it.

With years of experience in the fire prevention business, our team of experts has helped protect a wide array of structures with top of the line sprinkler systems. Whether it be minor repairs, interior alterations, retrofits of existing structures, or the construction of a new high-rise building, 360 Fire Prevention is prepared to complete any sized project. We have successfully worked within residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse facilities.

Complete Design & Installation
Complete Design & Installation

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